The Great Northern Guitar Company grew from a desire to be a vibrant & alternative experience to your average guitar store.
We are specialist retailer that is 100% guitar centred & owned by luthiers; we are also partnered to our sister company which just happens to be the most well equipped guitar factory in the UK.
With over 30 years experience in the musical instrument industry and our own production facility, we are able to give our customers something more than just a wall full of anonymous guitars.
Our passion is to design and build beautiful instruments that inspire.
We design our own instruments, so are able to offer something different that you won’t find in your normal guitar store.
Because we design and build our own instruments, we have a deep understand the products we are selling.
All Guitars Set Up
As guitar builders, it is important to us to make sure that all our instruments leave our showroom set up for the ultimate experience.
Strings and Accessories
We also offer a selection of strings, straps, gig bags/cases and other guitar related accessories.
Building great guitars in the UK.
By investing in technology, we are able to  offer great quality UK built guitars for an extremely competitive price. 
Eye-catching designs using beautiful tonewoods, quality hardware and great finishes.  
By  putting thought into the design, we are able to create guitars that feel great to play.
A combination of hand picked tonewoods and our own handwound pickups give our instruments an amazing sound.
Meet us
Meet Our Brands.
We have a number of brands that we offer, each offering their own designs.  
Marc Lamaq is the brains behind Lamaq Guitars Limited. His 30+ years of guitar design and building, together with his experience of production give him unique abilities.  
Our Aura brand is our own take on the classics.  Again these are UK built, but at some amazing prices.


Sue Scott Guitars

Sue is one of the only female luthiers in the UK.  Her guitar and bass designs are visibly unique.  She is also able to take into consideration the female form in her designs, therefore offering something to female guitarists/bassists.
Our Earthwood basses are all unique.  The idivudual woods dictate what we decide to create.
Stefan Yosef
A range of unique acoustic guitars.
Explore our work.
Electric Guitars
Acoustic Guitars
Acoustic Bass Guitars
Bass Guitars
Custom Guitars
Classical Guitars
Built to perfection
We take great care to make sure that all of our tonewoods are responsibly resourced and offer the best sounds.
Come in a variety of types.  Often used in electric necks and flame tops.  We use coloured stains to produce some very interesting effects.
A distinctive heartwood with a warm tone.  It can produce some interesting effects when finished on an electric guitar or bass top.
Rosewood is a rich beautiful tonewod often used as fingerboards and for back and sides for acoustics.
A black dense tonewood that is often used as fingerboards.  Some species have striking brown streaks.
A nice honey coloured tonewood good for acoustic tops, great for classical or fingerpicking styles.
A deep brown tonewood that we often use on electric guitars as well as acoustic back and sides.
A pale and resonant tonewood often used in electric guitar and bass bodies.  Swamp ash is most desirable, being lighter in weigh.
Sitka spruce is one of the most common acoustic tonewoods often used in acoustic tops.

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